Cooler heads prevail

Polar Pillow

Hot steamy nights are the stuff dreams are made of, but when it’s time to lay your head down for the sleep portion of the evening, it’d be nice to cool off with a pillow that doesn’t keep you sweating until dawn. And with the summer months coming up quickly, the timing couldn’t be better for PolarPillow ($100) — one of the coolest pillows you can find on the market, at least temperature-wise.

Filled with scientifically-cooling gel infused with micro-air-beads, the PolarPillow works by conducting warmth away from your head and using the coolness of the ambient room temperature to dissipate your body heat. Within the first 10 seconds of contact, your head should start to feel the coolness, lasting for about 2 hours. After that, the pillow warms back up to your body’s natural temperature, with the idea the cold cushion will have you passed out out long before then. While it fits inside a common pillow case, the 12-pounds of cooling gel filling it reminds you there’s nothing common about it (not to mention the $100 price tag).

No setup required, which is nice, considering it’s a pillow.

Buy Now: $100

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