Dogfish Head Randall Jr. Personal Beer Infuser

Jailbreak your beer

Even with the current renaissance of commercial craft brewing, many of us still feel the need to tinker or create our own. Sure this stout is fantastic, but what if I added some espresso beans?

Leave it to a Gear Patrol staff and reader favorite, Dogfish Head, to devise an easy and low-cost solution. The Randall Jr. ($20) is a personal beer infuser which will inject just about any flavor you can dream up into your suds of choice. Place whatever ingredients you’d like added into the Randall Jr. and pour your brew over it. Let sit in the fridge for 10 minutes, quickly file a provisional patent for the creation, then pour back through the built-in mesh strainer. Now you’ve got the exact flavor you’d like, without all the work of brewing your own.

We can’t all be Sam Adams, but every now and then we might be struck with creative inspiration. The Randall Jr. is a simple and portable way to experiment with and discover the perfect flavor combinations. Oh, and do yourself a favor, watch their infomercial after the break.

Buy Now: $20

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