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Tuuci Pagoda Parasol

The BMW of Patio Umbrellas


Long for warmer days? How about an ice cold Corona, a good book, and nothing but the sound of the ocean or your iPod?

Yeah, so do I. So, until my next foray to the shores, I’ll have to settle for the heat emanating from the sidewalk subway vents of New York.

Recently, I was invited to an early preview of the Architectural Digest Home Design Show, the premiere home products convention in the US (fringe benefits of writing for Gear Patrol). It provided me some unfettered, hands-on time with a variety of great gear for the home that I’ll be highlighting over the coming weeks. Foreclosures might be in full-swing, but I’m pleased to report there’s no shortage of great products for the home (covering both luxury and value needs). Kicking off said coverage, I bring you the Tucci Pagoda Parasol.

Tucci is a brand synonymous with commercial-grade and high end parasols, lounges, etc. Think: BMW of patio umbrellas. Their offerings aren’t easy on the wallet but they’re not intended to be. After all, why does a BMW cost more than an Accord? (Disclosure: the upcoming products I’m highlighting won’t be nearly as pricey).

Those of you with the cash and who are lucky enough to reside by a shore or in sun-soaked climates ought keep an eye out for the Tucci Pagoda Parasol. Made of DuraTeak (wood grain fiberglass), stainless steel components (individually replaceable), ballistic reinforced pockets (no broken edges), reinforced strut joints (no backwards joints), and high-tension marine fabric (no torn canvas), the Pagoda Parasol will meet your discerning standards, and most likely exceed them.

Cost: $2000

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