Tasting Notes: Greenhook Ginsmiths American Dry Gin

Brooklyn Born

Eric Yang

We’re suckers for good gin, so when one pops up in our backyard, we uncap some vermouth and chill our martini glasses. Greenhook Ginsmiths American Dry Gin ($30) is a new product from the Greenhook Ginsmiths Distillery in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Led by ginsmith Steven DeAngelo, the distillery utilizes a vacuum method that lowers the atmospheric pressure and temperature in the still, which produces a more flavorful, aromatic spirit.

Aside from the innovative creation process, the artisan recipe consists of juniper, elderflower, chamomile and cinnamon, making it a unique gin that imbues the drinker with more than a London Dry gin’s characteristic juniper-forward flavor profile. It’s light and aromatic, with a flowery nose and flavors ranging from juniper and elderflower to orange peels and ginger. It’s easy to sip straight, if that’s your thing. But its refreshing mesh of flavors can spice up your gin and tonic or pair with fortified wines and aromatic bitters to craft a great cocktail.

If you like the American Dry Gin, keep Greenhook Ginsmiths on your radar. Ever the enterprising bunch, the distillery has already produced a beach plum gin liqueur and has an Old Tom style gin and seasonal gins in the works.

Buy Now: $30

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