Soft Cities Blankets & Mapkins

Comforting Cartography

Soft Cities

Soft Cities is a fun little enterprise that allows users to rep their hood in a perfectly domestic fashion. Specifically, the San Francisco-based enterprise offers locally made blankets (lightweight fleece) and napkins (100% Kona cotton) that can all be customized via Google Maps. The ordering process starts with picking a location, various map marker styles, the level of desired zoom, and a final printing color theme via a convenient web interface. Two to three days later, buyers are provided with a digital copy of the map for final approval. The result is a beautiful, comfortable and personal re-creation of any place that you may hold dear.

For now, the blankets come in two templates, Candymap and Midnight Commander ($175), while the “napkins” have an additional Lemondrop them and come in sets of two ($65) or four ($79). We wouldn’t recommend swapping out all of your bedding for a recreation of the Lower East Side, but these wares would make great gifts for both the obnoxious globetrotters or grumpy homebodies in your life.

Buy Now: $64+

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