LayerNation El Tirador Shot Dispenser

Layering down the party


Having a product made by Dutch entrepreneurs that’s seemingly named by Spaniards makes almost no sense, but then again, what do you expect when dealing with a machine made explicitly to shock and amaze booze drinkers? The LayerNation El Tirador (Spanish for “the shooter”) is a drink dispenser whose power lies in its ability to make those impressive layered drinks usually found on the shiny trays of bikini clad club waitresses, and all without a spoon or wilted bar napkin in sight. Best of all, the shot maker is capable of layering four drinks in just 20 seconds. Meaning that while it may soon cripple the social budgets of every fraternity house from Boston to Berkeley, at least it’ll be able to handle the flow of people saddling up for a shot of the action.

Editor’s Note: Amazingly, LayerNation was born out of the high tech European startup incubator Yes!Delft instead of a Sigma Chi basement. Let’s see you pen a blockbuster about these founders Mr. Sorkin.

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