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Filson Tin Cloth Utility Apron

Not your mother's apron


If you’re going to wear an apron, it better be the manliest, most rugged, heavy-duty friggin’ apron the world has ever seen. We suggest Filson’s Tin Cloth Utility Apron ($95). Don’t put this thing on when you’re in the kitchen burning toast or poking some weenies around on the grill, though. This sucker is built to protect and serve craftsmen working the tough details, like metalworking, construction and (of course) gunsmithing. Constructed from their legendary built-to-last tin cloth and equipped with a wide nylon webbing neck and waist strap to carry weight, the vest also comes with three huge open pockets for your tools and two closed upper pockets that won’t spill your screws when you bend over. Throw on the “Kiss the Chef” apron when BBQing with friends and save this baby for some real work.

Buy Now: $95

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