Sumo Lounge Sultan Sac

Chair Model Not Included


The Sultan Sac from Sumo Lounge is a far cry from that vinyl beanbag you sat on while playing video games growing up. That beast was liable to leave you with a seriously sweaty posterior (aka SWAS or Monkey Balls, as my college roommate would lament). No, the Sultan Sac is a refined and grown-up beanbag. It has a very breathable and comfortable micro suede cover. Filled completely with shredded, furniture-grade urethane foam, it’s not only exceedingly comfortable and guaranteed never to go flat, but you can kiss worrying about those infuriating white Styrofoam beads colonizing your abode goodbye.

The Sultan Sac is more of a bean-foam-bag-love seat, as opposed to a chair, clocking in at a massive 54″x54″x42″. Speaking of love seats, did I mention the micro suede cover is removable and machine washable *cough* *cough*. The bottom line is they’re incredibly comfortable and the perfect accessory to any man cave or media room. So if Herman Miller isn’t in the cards, check out Sumo.


Editor’s Note: Like any beanbag-style chair, this thing needs to be fluffed up now and again (Ben: Not unlike men in the San Fernando Valley…). It also doubles as a good punching bag in the process. Size wise, Sumo Lounge does offer smaller and larger options if the Sultan Sac doesn’t fit your needs. I would recommend checking out getting the ottoman too. Using the coffee table in my “testing” proved to be a poor substitute and made me yearn for the Sultan’s foot stool sidekick.

Cost: $249

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