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John Deere

A beer on the back of a riding mower sounds great, but sipping on one in our hammock? Now we’re talking. Evidently, the good folks at John Deere agree, which is why (we assume) they’ve created the Tango E5 autonomous mower.

This battery-powered unit operates within an area up to 1,800 square meters, established by an pre-installed boundary wire. The mower travels in a random pattern and cuts until each area has been trimmed, avoiding predetermined areas like flower beds or your putting green. Once the mower senses its battery is low, it returns to the charging station to recharge. Then, it’s back to mowing at the predetermined schedule. Because there is no way to capture clippings, the Tango E5 is really only to meant to cut grass of moderate height. But with the ability to operate, recharge, and redeploy automatically, there’s no excuse to have anything but a perfectly manicured lawn at all times.

Ironically, it’s only available in Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Norway and Switzerland — five countries known for their oh-so-fit denizens. But here’s hoping the soft launch expands stateside soon.

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