The Next Big Thing in Cannabis Are These $1 Tablets

The company that made the ideal cannabis vape just released a cannabis mint dispenser.


In 2016, a venture capital-backed California company called Hmbldt — now called Dosist — released a cannabis vape pen that wasn’t for stoners. Instead of loading your own oil and taking huge hits, each pen, made of recyclable medical-grade plastic, comes loaded with a set number of drags and every hit is the same every time (2.25mg). It earned plenty of recognition and won all sorts of design awards. Now it’s doing the same thing for edibles.

The Dose Dial is pocket-sized cannabis tablet dispenser. Each $30 dispenser holds 30, 3.7mg dissolving peppermint-flavored tablets inside. Gunner Winston, Dosist’s CEO, said the brand exercised caution to create a product that doesn’t fall into the old clichés of the edibles category.

“We didn’t want to go the gummy, candy or brownie routes, where it’s pretty clear you’re targeting kids and have no means of dose precision. Our brand is precision — we don’t like to tell people to just bite something in half to get a certain dose or whatever,” Winston said.

Winston said even the packaging design, which is intentionally tedious to open and retrieve a tablet, plays into this. “We’re not a brand for stoners. Our products aren’t for that market,” he said.

Because sublingual consumption (putting the tablet under your tongue) ensures a more consistent amount of cannabis makes it into the bloodstream, the tablets were made dissolvable. Winston said the brand’s research showed the user gets more and more steady amounts of the substance this way, rather than swallowing and letting the digestive system have its way with it.

For those that see the Dial as a quick cash grab capitalizing on an ongoing health crisis, Dosist, its first product being a vape pen, said that’s not the case. Winston admits the timing of its release may seem cynical, the Dose Dial was in research and production phases over a year before the earliest vape scare stories published.

Dosist products are currently available in California and Florida. Use the site’s store locator to find retail outlets near you.

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Assistant Editor, Home and Design Will Price is Gear Patrol’s home and drinks editor.
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