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Sodastream Revolution

Gas, powered or Electric effervescence


Sparkling water has been chipping away at soda makers’ market share, and Sodastream is taking full advantage of health and environmentalism trends with their expanding line of home soda makers. New to the roster is the Revolution, an electric-powered water carbonation appliance. They’ve come a long way since the Source.

The Revolution adds power, a Snap & Go mechanism for easy bottle mounting, four levels of carbonation (Low, Medium, High, and Turbo), and an LED screen that shows both the carbonation process and CO2 charge remaining. The system still requires Sodastream’s proprietary “Carbonator” CO2 cartridges, and should retail under $200 (about twice the cost of the baseline model). If you’re a regular consumer of bottled seltzer, domestic or foreign, you’ll save money in the long run while reducing your carbon footprint with the elimination of disposable bottles and transportation to market. Sodastream also sells flavors and syrups that let you tailor taste and sugar content for a healthier bubbly option. For amateur mixologists, the Revolution’s carbonation selectivity will allow your mad skills to sparkle shine. Although, if you’re using the Turbo (while fiendishly twiddling your fingers) setting, best use caution around PopRocks and open flames.

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