Urban Cultivator

Good taste, year-round


Looking to elevate your home cooking from Boyardee to Batali? Fresh herbs are an excellent place to start. The Urban Cultivator ($2,200) lets home chefs not living in the state of California do the impossible — grow fresh hydroponic herbs or greens year-round. The home appliance, which is roughly the size of a dishwasher, maintains the perfect temperature, humidity, and moisture for growing and is offered in both built-in and stand-alone configurations. The built-in model can be wired directly to house power and water, while the stand-alone’s 10 liter reservoir keeps your little garden growing with minimal intervention.

As much as 20% of North America’s energy bill goes to food transportation, and the loss of nutritive value in some foods can be upwards of 50% enroute to market and the table. Imagine fresh wheatgrass in that smoothie, or a salad of baby arugula and chervil snipped seconds ago. We won’t say that you’ll put Alice or Thomas out of business any time soon, but they might feel your fresh mint-y breath on the back of their necks.

Buy Now: $2,200

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