Vileda Virobi

Moptimus Prime


Because keeping a sailor around to swab your decks is a little too “Village People” for our tastes, the Vileda Virobi offers a Jetsonian solution to keeping your floor pristine. It’s similar to the Roomba iRobot but with an electrostatic cleaning pad, and features an autonomous navigation system that works the Virobi around the room unsupervised while you bask in leisure. Truthfully, it’s more “auto-swiffer” than auto-mop, but dog hair, dust bunnies, dirt and other detritus are still easily trapped by the spinning, flexible pad that gets the corners other variants cannot. For now though, you’ll still have to police up empties, pizza boxes and casually discarded undergarments socks yourself — since this whirling dervish is currently only available in Europe.

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