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One of the Most Hyped Coffee Products of the Year Just Dropped

Like all its other gear, Fellow’s new coffee grinder balances performance and aesthetics beautifully.

fellow ode

Fellow’s new Ode Brew Grinder, which accrued north of $1.25 million in funding through Kickstarter, is available for pre-order.

The brand is best known for an electric pour-over kettle that seamlessly combines performance and countertop looks. The Ode grinder is aiming for the same target.

The best grinders use flat burrs instead of blades to grind beans, are heavy enough to keep themselves in calibration and can be taken apart for at-home servicing. Fellow’s Ode checks these boxes and throws in a pile of upgrades and quality of life improvements on top of them.

At 64mm, the steel burrs are, in the truest sense of the meme, absolute units (Baratza’s market-leading grinders are fitted with 40mm burrs). Their size reduces both grind time and heat caused from friction, which can distort the flavor of the coffee you’re preparing to brew. The machine is also fitted with a spring that shakes out grinds that become stuck to the interior of the machine after every grind, and the grind catch is magnetically aligned under the chute, so less coffee winds up on the counter.

Fellow is offering special pre-order pricing at $279, a modest $20 discount from its $299 retail price. Fellow plans to deliver units early summer 2020.

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