This Cart Is the Most Useful Piece of Furniture You Can Buy Right Now

The Dims.

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Dims. is a California-based, internet-only design house that acts as an art incubator: fresh, aspiring designers pitch Dims. with specs for “new-century modern” houseware pieces in exchange for royalties. So far, the house has accepted ideas ranging from Greco-inspired lamps to part-Scandinavian-part-Japanese dining room tables to, most recently, a multi-use, looks-good-anywhere utility cart called the Barbican Trolley. The trolley is designed by Visibility, an NYC-based shop, run by two RISD grads, which has produced designs for Away, Outdoor Voices, and Myro, the latter of which nabbed a 2019 Wallpaper Design Award. We loved the trolley for its versatility in use – it’s one part serving trolley, two parts utility cart, and a dash of end table – and a universality of design that’s clean enough to fit any room. For our first collaboration with Dims., we dialed up the Barbican’s utility and made it truly go-anywhere: we added an all-weather powder-coating and wheels, retooled the wooden handle with steel, and drilled drain holes for outdoor use. The Dims. x Gear Patrol Utility Cart is form meets function, designed for everyday use in just about any use case.

1. Environmentally Sound Furniture:
Dims. puts the environment first: their ash wood is sourced from Forest Stewardship Council-certified, sustainably-managed forests, all finishes and adhesives are Greenguard certified, meaning they’ve been independently tested to meet the world’s most rigorous standards for low chemical emissions, and all steel uses powder coating that’s free from harmful VOCs and heavy toxic metals.
2. Bathroom to Boardroom:
Mirror and makeup on top; toilet paper on the bottom. Crystal and shaker on top; ice and bourbon on the bottom. The sleek trolley, with wheeled-mobility, quick-access top storage, and an angled bottom tier for bulky items, is the most versatile piece in any room.
3. Democratized Art:
Dims. produces all of its pieces – the Utility Cart included – at family-run, Taiwan-based manufacturers that have been handpicked by Dims. founder Eugene Kim. Cutting out the middleman keeps prices low, while sourcing the best materials gives these products multi-generational longevity, making beautiful design attainable on many budgets.

Buy Now: $399

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