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Literary Quote Illustrations by Obvious State

Timeless Ink

Obvious State

What are great authors for if not poignant, timeless prose? For example:

“I have great faith in fools. Self-confidence, my friends call it” (Twain).

“We are all lying in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars” (Wilde).

“Why did I walk into this room again?” (self).

Obvious State Literary Quote Illustrations ($24) give fitting, understated and intuitive black ink form to famous quotes like these (ok, barring the last one) from your favorite writers. From the simple (“Write drunk; edit sober,” Hemingway) to the lengthy (an entire soliloquy from the end of Joyce’s Ulysses), Obvious State’s 13×19-inch, digitally printed pieces give you the opportunity to show your literary chops without looking like too much of the bookworm hermit you really are. Get there quick, because the copies (especially Papa’s) are going faster than Wilde’s wit.

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