Bosch PPS 7 S Pull-Push Saw

Two cuts above


Home improvement is your thing. You’ve got the desire, the Bob Vila skill set and even the time — just not the space for every tool your heart desires. Bosch’s PPS 7 S Pull-Push Saw just made your life that much easier by combining a table saw and a sliding miter saw, so you can cut ’til the cows come home.

The table saw tackles the basics of cutting your project timber to the appropriate size; sliding miter mode (controlled by a lever below the cutting table) provides those crucial cross cuts, all in one easy to manage dual tool. The universal guide fence is flexible, shifting for effective use in either cutting mode. Rugged aluminum construction and table extension allow ease of handling with even the toughest work on large pieces, while the saw’s 1400-watt motor and laser unit fixing set make sure that your cuts are smooth and accurate. Bad news for us Yanks, though: like a lot of Bosch equipment, the PPS 7 S is only available in the U.K. for now.

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