Princess Compact4All Appliances

A different take on the square meal


Even if you’ve got ample counter space in your kitchen, pile on a bevy of appliances, and your fat cup’a joe is elbowing in for some premium real estate next to your dish rack and your collection of Major League beer steins. Innovative but simple, Princess Compact4All Appliances (~$52) can return much needed space to your culinary creation station.

Designer Jan des Bouvrie’s condensed 20 x 20 x 20 cm coffee maker, toaster, kettle and juicer can each stand alone, but also stack neatly into a square and plug into one central outlet located on the juicer. Each appliance is meant for the individual — two cups of coffee, two slices of toast and a half liter of hot water means no breakfast brunch for you and your golf buddies unless you want to miss your tee time. But if you’re a lone bachelor and grow weary of muesli and skim milk every morning, this might just be your ticket to a hearty hot breakfast and the counter space to enjoy it.

Buy Now: ~$52 (per appliance)

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