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Kenwood Cooking Chef

That's sir mix-a-lot to you


Previously only sold abroad, the Kenwood Cooking Chef ($2,000) has finally whirled its way stateside. This culinary version of the Jetsons’ Rosie one-ups the traditional stand mixer by not only whisking, hooking and mixing (at variable speeds), but by heating and cooking as well.

A safe, energy efficient induction cooking plate attached to the Cooking Chef dishes out 68 to 284 degrees of cooking heat with mechanical precision. Keep in mind too, that the army of attachments already available for the Cooking Chef can turn your kitchen in to a mad scientists’ culinary laboratory. Soups? No problem. Desserts? Piece O’ cake. Dressings and Sauces? Voila. We don’t prescribe to the “if your dishwasher stops working, tell her to get back in the kitchen” mantra, but if your better half is of the Martha Stewart persuasion, its hefty price tag could be worth the great Christmas morning surprise.

Buy Now: $2,000

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