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Gant Rugger Denim Apron

Sweatshop Chic


You’re a man who likes to work around the house, taking on everything from home repair and tinkering under the hood to even more personal projects like building your own furniture once in a while. Pat yourself on the back for your self-sufficient ways. Then, use the moment of reflection to understand just how much toiling in that greased-stained Van Halen cut-off undermines your authority (like MacGyver, sans mullet).

Once that epiphany has processed, consider adding the Gant Rugger Denim Apron ($145) to your work-a-day world. Made with 100% cotton indigo denim, natural cotton straps and two front pockets, it’ been distressed just enough to make you look like you’ve done your fair share of work right out of the box. And unlike that the one covered in year-old BBQ sauce, this apron is something you should be proud to wear.

Buy Now: $145

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