Black & Decker EasyEdge Powered Paint Edger

Stay on the straight and narrow

Black & Decker

If you’ve ever tried to free-hand paint a straight edge after a four-shot Americano, you’ve most likely failed. But even without the caffeine hit, you know it’s no easy task; painter’s tape sometimes makes things even worse. With the Black & Decker EasyEdge Powered Paint Edger ($35), your molding, windows and door edges will be straighter — and you can coffee bomb yourself while painting ’til the cows come home.

The EasyEdge sports an ergonomic grip, a flow control knob and holds enough paint in one easy fill to cover up to 25 feet. The, ahem, vibrating applicator maintains a smooth and even edge throughout its length, and you can pitch the tubes and applicators when you’re done for a breeze-through cleanup. All that’s left is convincing your wife of gunmetal gray for the living room.

Buy Now: $35

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