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This Is the Grill New York City’s Most Famous Butcher Makes Steaks with

From a crazy hot grill to a high-power range hood, here’s what Pat LaFrieda can’t live without.

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This is Chef’s Staples, where professional chefs dish on the gear they couldn’t cook without. This week: Pat LaFrieda of LaFriedas in New York City, NY.

The LaFriedas have been in the New York meat business since 1922. Today, Pat LaFrieda continues the legacy started by his grandfather, becoming one of the country’s most well-known meat purveyors, specializing in dry-aged steaks and burger blends (Pat LaFrieda concocted Shake Shack’s famous burger patty blend). With nationwide distribution, anyone in the 50 states can enjoy provisions from Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors, now based out of New Jersey. These are the tools that the country’s most famous butcher uses to break down and cook his world-famous beef.

The Otto Wilde Grill

“The Otto Wilde Grill is by far the best grill I’ve ever used. It heats from the overhead broiler to astounding temperatures (1,500 degrees Fahrenheit) that you just can’t get with a normal grill or an oven. That is what gives steak that beautiful sear to trap in those amazing juices. It can be used for anything — fish, poultry, fruit, vegetables — but of course my favorites are the perfect T-bones, ribeyes and porterhouses.”

BUY NOW: $699

Victorinox Swiss Army Fibrox Pro Curved Breaking Knife

“Knives are very important in butchery. Maybe the most important tool. I developed my own knife set with Victorinox Swiss Army to give me that perfect slice, and also balance, since I’m so tall. They do resemble small swords, so getting through airport security with them is tricky, but seriously, they are the only knives we use at Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors.”

BUY NOW: $40+

GreenPan Levels Non-Stick Ceramic Frying Pans

“At home, I use an induction stove because one, it’s safer for my kids, but also because it heats the pan more evenly than any other type of burner. I love GreenPan because they coat it in Thermolon, a non-toxic ceramic coating to ensure it’s nonstick, but without the toxic chemicals of other nonstick pans. And they can be used on all types of stoves — induction, gas, electric, you name it.”

BUY NOW: $60

Gaggenau Range Hood

“When you are a butcher, you cook a lot of meat. Proper ventilation is key so my wife and I installed a Gaggenau hood over the stovetop when we were building our kitchen. The hood captures all types of smells and vapors and is almost undetectable because it is so quiet.”


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Tyler Chin is Gear Patrol’s Associate Staff Writer.
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