Invicta Ove Fireplace

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The Invicta Ove Fireplace (~$3,200) is the latest in a line of beautifully crafted cast-iron creations by the Invicta Foundry in France. At first glance (and without any flames) the Ove’s elongated shape resembles a re-purposed cryo-chamber, stolen from a Hollywood set. Stare a little longer, though, and you’ll warm up to the Ove’s delicate blend of industrial and organic.

That balance continues when you spark things up. This firebox is as easy on the environment as it is on the eyes; using post-combustion technology, the Ove injects additional hot air through the back of the stove to efficiently incinerate harmful un-burnt particles and exhaust gases created by torched evidence timber. That also means you can turn down your thermostat and let up to 34,000 BTU/hr of radiant heat take the chill from your home (and your toes) — for up to ten hours on a single load of logs. Compact and freestanding, the Ove’s miniature footprint makes it an easy addition to any sized home, chalet or love life in need of some warmth.

Buy Now: ~$3,200

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