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Starting Now, the Best Espresso Machines Money Can Buy Are Better for Beginners and Experts

The espresso machines you order shots from every day are getting smarter (and better).


La Marzocco, the brand behind the majority of espresso machines in cafés around the world, just made its consumer-level espresso machines smart.

Available now, the GS3 and the Linea Mini can now connect to your smartphone through an app available on the Play Store and App Store. The connection yields a number of convenience, performance and troubleshooting perks, many of which are linked with eliminating the need to open up the guts of the machine to change water temperature, pre-shot infusion time and so on. Plus, thanks to the new on/off scheduling function, users can set the machine to wake up and pre-heat water before they get out of bed, saving them 10 to 15 minutes of waiting. The app even records your shot-pulling history for you.

All new GS3 and Linea Mini machines are able to sync with the app, and some recently made machines are compatbile, too (check your serial number against those given on the La Marzocco site to find out). Interested? Linea Minis start at $4,900 and GS3s start at $7,100. The price you pay for actual café quality espresso.

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