Joey Roth Self-Watering Planter

Fear not, Forget-me-nots
Joey Roth

“Black Thumb” is a dramatic label that was probably dreamed-up by regimental types to keep their absent-minded counterparts (like us) feeling incompetent. Take back your dignity and add some life to your residence with the Joey Roth Self-Watering Planter ($45). The understated 8-inch pot, made from terracotta and zisha, was inspired by an ancient irrigation tool known as the Olla, which farmers used to conserve water in arid climates.

Water poured into the central chamber slowly seeps through the unglazed terracotta and into the surrounding soil as the the plant drinks. That translates into fewer trips to the sink for you and a lower organic body count on your karma scorecard. Remember to fill the central chamber now and again — and give Mother Nature a reason to spare you before the next megastorm rolls around.

Buy Now: $45

Ben Bowers is the chief content officer and co-founder of Gear Patrol.
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