CB Industries Jules Espresso Maker

The War of the Brews
Another possible addition: laser beams. Multiple. | CB Industries

Whether the result of sipping the caffeine-laden mixture it produces or simply seeing its form in your periphery, the CB Industries Jules Espresso Maker ($~1390) will surely open bleary morning eyes. This limited edition espresso maker, created by Swiss artist and Designer Carlo Borer, features a beautifully polished stainless-steel orb perched upon a tripod of equally reflective legs, giving it an alien appearance at home in the mind of an early Wells or Verne.

The retro sci-fi inspiration continues. ABS-topped legs glow in a variety of colors during the brewing process, alerting you to some (delicious) life inside. Function follows form: those legs optimally elevate the brewer, providing the perfect spot for your mug to catch the machine’s delicious creation. Speaking of java, to achieve the perfect crema-topped espresso, the Jules employs a 15 bar, high-performance Saeco system fed by a 6-cup water tank within the belly of the ball. The removable upper dome makes for easy clean up. With only 2,000 pieces available, the fear of securing one should inevitably outweigh any worries of an invasion.

Buy Now: $1,390

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