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Mini Boxes of Healthy(ish) Cereal Are All I Want to Eat in Quarantine

Cereal that makes you thicc, minus the sugar.


Welcome to Window Shopping, a weekly exercise in lusting over new home products we want in our apartments right the hell now.

Magic Spoon Single-Serve Cereal

I will admit that buying miniature boxes of cereal on the internet for roughly $2.50 a serving isn’t normal, nor do I think it’s the best use of funds in these uncertain times. This admission won’t stop me from craving an infinite supply of Magic Spoon’s beefy (in the sense that it’s filling; it’s fully vegetarian), low-sugar cereal. At 12g of protein per mini box, I get to lunchtime comfortably full and feeling better than having eaten a box of Frosted Flakes (no disrespect to Frosted Flakes).

BUY NOW: $29 (12 boxes)

Gantri x Ammunition Lighting

Gantri’s futuristic lamps and lighting fixtures are all 3D-printed on demand from corn polyactic acid (a kind of thermoplastic). This collection of table lights, sconces and floor lamps was co-designed by Ammunition, the design firm behind products from Polaroid, Ember, Beats by Dr. Dre, Kohler, Adobe and more. They look like something a stoned Dieter Rams would make (the Gio Floor Light, especially), and that’s sick.

BUY NOW: $198+

Five Two Stackable Glassware

You may not be excited about the prospect of sturdy, stackable, space-saving glassware, and that’s fine. But if you’re a grown adult serving drinks in plastic cups you collected at sporting events, these are worth considering.

BUY NOW: $30+

The Sill Moth Orchid

The Phalaenopsis orchid is the orchid for people who have read about the difficulty of growing an orchid, become afraid and opted not to invest. This means it isn’t as sensitive to your failings as most orchids. It blooms once a year for three months. Still, I’d read The Sill’s recommended care guide before buying. It’s by no means a set-and-forget plant.

Floyd Walnut Bed Frame

Floyd’s birch bed frames are nice, modern upgrades to the unsightly (but affordable!) metal cages used to prop up mattresses. Now, you can order one made of a chocolatey brown walnut wood.

BUY NOW: $795+

Hay Mags Sofa

Hay does an exception job at softening the harder edges of high furniture design and translating that into something original and reasonably priced. The new Mags sofa is a poofy, cozy design that covers a sturdy frame in foam wrapped in down. It is as comfortable as it looks.

BUY NOW: $2,295

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