e15 MARTOUB Drawer Humidor

Your drawers are on fire

Ah, the advantages of having your own home office. No micromanager looking over your shoulder, plus you can take conference calls in your pajamas and enjoy a relaxing post-lunch cigar break. No need to step outside of your cozy cubicle, either. Just crack open the e15 SB12 MARTOUB drawer humidor, where your Havanas can be nestled right next to your Manilas. Designed as a drawer module for e15’s SB08 MAHNAZ sideboard, the SB12 MARTOUB is built from solid wood and lined in humidity-friendly Spanish cedar. The drawer provides the perfect environment for up to 150 stogies with an electrically regulated humidifier, your choice of polished brass or stainless steel top and a companion compartment that holds your tobacco accoutrements like cutters and lighters. Just make sure your kids office mates stay out of your stash.

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