Edge of Belgravia Ceramic Series Chef’s Knives

Knives for a pro to show

Function and performance should always be a cook’s first concerns when picking a set of chef’s knives, but if you assume that means style has to sit on the back burner, you clearly haven’t looked hard enough. The Edge of Belgravia Ceramic Series Chef’s Knives ($422) are a prime example that would look right at home even in Ra’s al Ghul’s knife block and have the added distinction of being named a D&AD product design award winner alongside titans like Apple and Bowers & Wilkins.

The blades made from zirconium oxide and forged under 300 tons of pressure in temperatures of 1,400 degrees Celsius — making them exceptionally sharp and incredibly durable. The entire set consists of a slicer, chef’s knife, chopper, utility knife and a paring knife; each features a soft-touch rubber coated handle for a comfortable grip. Together, they’ll cover all of a discerning cook’s needs with precision, either in the kitchen or the dojo.

Buy Now: $422

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