One of America’s Best Chef’s New Podcast Is Absolutely Essential Listening for All

Titled “How Asian Americans Can Better Support Black Lives Matter,” the podcast applies to listeners of all backgrounds.


David Chang, the Momofuku Restaurant Group founder, “Ugly Delicious” host and seemingly omnipresent celebrity chef, took to his podcast, The Dave Chang Show, to address current world events surrounding Black Lives Matter protests.

In the 50-minute podcast, titled “How Asian Americans Can Better Support Black Lives Matter,” Chang calls his producers, Chris Ying and Isaac Lee, to discuss the protests against police brutality and system racism stemming from the police killing of George Floyd. As non-Black minorities, the three not only discuss how Asian Americans can support the Black community, but why.

“Everything is wrong and built against Black people. Yet somehow Asian people have benefitted from it, and I can see a lot of Asian people being like, ‘that’s not our problem.’ Well it is your problem because I don’t think it’s right for you to benefit and to not have any issues because someone else is carrying the burden,” Chang says in the podcast.

The three touch on how they’ve had to influence their parents’ stance on supporting Black people in a way that’s bridged language and generational gaps. For anyone who is not Black, there are certainly ideological divides amongst family members that need to be acknowledged and resolved for the well-being of a race that, for generations, has been oppressed. And despite the podcast revolving around three Asian Americans, the podcast is applicable to anyone who has benefited from the Black community and Black culture, which is everyone.

Chang acknowledges that his own restaurant empire is a result of Black people having suffered in America for centuries. “I have the ability to rebel against being a model minority because Black people paved the way for that to happen,” the chef says.

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Tyler Chin is Gear Patrol’s Associate Staff Writer.
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