Mutsy 4rider Stroller

You'll Be Jealous of the Rider, Alas You Just Provide the Push


All Gear Patrol readers likely fall into one of two categories: either you are are parent (to a human child) or you are not. Men from either of these subsets can easily fall victim to a common misconception that we would aim to correct. Being a father needn’t hinder you from getting equipped with the innovative, stylish, and functional gear that you’ve come to expect to carry you through the day. In fact, there’s a strong case to be made that parenthood should only increase your opportunity to be outfitted with the proper load out.

That is to say, it takes a lot of stuff to raise a kid, and when it comes to the gear they need, you’ll want to be discerning. Case in point – the stroller.

You see, the stroller is one of the most basic bits of kid kit. Ever since Cro-Magnon Man set his chisel to stone, man has been free from the tyranny of carrying a squirming toddler everywhere he went. Still, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. As I’m sure you’ll agree, the fine folks at Mutsy are defining what it means to do baby mobility right.

Happily, GP has had the chance to do some real-world torture testing scientific evaluation with Mutsy’s flagship 4rider Stroller. We found out that it’s more than just a pretty face. Hit the jump for detailed impressions and more photos of chic child cartage.

As a Dad, there’s no doubt that you are proud of your kid (mine are both beautiful geniuses and I’m sure that yours is ok, too). As a man, you’d like to be equally proud of the wheeled gizmo that you are using to chauffeur them down the block, through the park, or (gasp) at the mall. The Musty 4rider, like all their useful gear, makes no apologies for its modern, sophisticated appearance. Though the company began building traditionally-styled prams in Western Europe way back in the 1930s, their designs now manage to evoke a mash-up of urban couture and 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The hallmark of the Mutsy 4rider has got to be its versatility, which stems from its use of interchangeable components. The system is based on a minimalist aluminum frame seated on four single-spoke wheels. The handle is height-adjustable (a surprisingly appreciable feature), and the frame’s propriety safety-folding system works smoothly and allows the stroller to fold quietly and effortlessly, once you get the hang of it. Even better, the frame can fold with the seat or attachments mounted, and the wheels remove easily, all to give you more options to suit your transport or storage needs.


Back to those versatile options, Mutsy offers a plethora of seats to mount to your 4rider frame as well as loads of accessories to amp up the functionality of the stroller (we recommend the babysitter for turning your stoller’s seat into an at-home rocking chair). Beyond the standard seat, you can choose a full out bassinet for the little ones, car seat attachments, a ride-on gizmo to keep toddlers entertained, and more.

The standard seat is, without doubt, one of the most luxurious you’ll find. It’s super-padded, without feeling overly soft, offers four reclining positions as well as a three-position leg rest, and has a head enclosure for small babies. The seat depth can also be adjusted, and a removable safety bar and extra-large windowed rain/sun canopy are included.


Best of all is a unique feature that most parents will theoretically appreciate until they try it, at which time they’ll wonder how they ever got along without. Because of Mutsy’s proprietary mounting system and seat design, the very same seat that traditionally faces forward can easily be reversed to face rearward, allowing you to make wild faces at your child keeping him or her endlessly entertained.

As for maneuverability, the 4rider’s handling is incomparable. Certainly so in comparison with any brand you’ll find in your big box baby store. The independently maneuverable four-wheeled design and pneumatic tires make for a smooth ride capable of turning on a dime. The large, centrally located parking brake is a nice feature as well for making sure your 4rider stays put when and where you want.

Those of you out there who aren’t parents might be a wee bit sticker-shocked by the price tag on this beauty, but you needn’t be. Like it or not, baby gear is flat-out expensive – even the crappy stuff. The Mutsy 4rider screams style, is wildly functional, and it’s built to last. In a Mutsy, your kid just might get a sense of how very cool they are. Just don’t let it go to their little head.

Cost: $575 (as pictured)

The fine folks at Mutsy were kind enough to offer a 10% discount to any GP reader wishing to outfit themselves with any Mutsy gear. Just follow the link above and enter “gpmu” at checkout. Happy strolling!

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