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Breville Variable Temperature Kettle

Boil Like You Mean It


All of this talk of glorious, French-pressed coffee got me thirsty to thinking. Sure, boiling water is a pretty simple task, but what simple task hasn’t been made better by the advent of a wonderful gadget to perform it for you. Wheras I love a nice stove-top kettle as much as the next guy, I’m a big fan of the electric variety, which offers speed and convenience. I haven’t owned one in years, so I set out to find a model that would meet the strick GP requirements for form and function.

Thanks to the good folks at Breville, that search didn’t last very long.

Breville’s Variable Temperature Kettle is clearly the Cadillac (or Lexus, or Benz, depending on your style) of water-boiling technology. For one, it’s beautiful. Its vertical form factor and stainless exterior make it a great complement to any modern kitchen. The pot itself features a smooth, gear-actuated lid, integrated sediment filter, and dual water-level indications. The equally elegant base features controls ringed in LED lighting, which automatically shuts off moments after use.

The kettle is made to heat water, a chore which it performs with great panache. This hotpot offers five preset temperatures ranging from 175°F to 212°F, designated to complement a variety of teas and coffees or simply to boil the heck out of your H2O. On boil, the Variable Temperature Kettle can bubble 2 cups of water in under 2 minutes. Not too shabby. Breville has clearly done their part to please kinetic motion enthusasts everywhere with this doing design.

Cost: $149 

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