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This Funky Lounge Chair Is the Chair of My Dreams

I will make space in my apartment (and budget) for this thing.

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Welcome to Window Shopping, a weekly exercise in lusting over home products we want in our homes right the hell now. This week: spicy "chicken" nuggets, handmade dinnerware and more.

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1 Citizen Chair

This chair comes a long way from the Wassily chair, the first seat made of bent tubular steel. Konstantin Grcici is an industrial designer, and his expertise is on display in the Citizen chair, available in low-back ($3,245) or high-back ($4,415). The seat acts like a sort-of swing as the cushion is suspended by three cables. It's also like a rocking chair without being an actual rocking chair. The ergonomic backrest is designed to support the sitter as it prevents you from slipping or slouching. It swivels, too, so you have a full range of motion even when you're off your feet. Head over to Vitra to learn more about Grcic's inspiration for the Citizen chair.

2 Avocado Latex Mattress

Can one get excited about a mattress launch? We have before. Avocado already makes our favorite organic mattress, and its new Latex Mattress is its most sustainable yet, the brand claims. It's Greenguard Gold Certified and entirely biodegradable. Made of 100 percent foam latex, the new mattress is firmer than your typical memory foam, but so much better for the planet. Avocado uses a patented "Convoluted Latex" that helps reduce motion transfer and gives the bed a spring-like bounce.

3 Spicy Nuggs

I was hesitant about Nuggs. Going into it, if you don't know Nuggs are plant-based, the box just looks cruel. Then the fact that they're vegan chicken nuggets had me question how well they could replicate my favorite fast food snack. Turns out pretty well. For what it's worth, chicken nuggets don't really taste like chicken and their inner texture is basically mush. Nuggs are made of soy protein, and the spicy flavor has a satisfying smoky heat thanks to ancho chili peppers. These taste just as good, if not better, than fast food chicken nuggets, and they cook in the oven for 13 minutes. No regrets over how many I ate in one sitting.

4 8" Coupe Pasta Bowl in Toasted Clay
Jono Pandolfi
Jono Pandolfi Studios

Photographers notoriously photographed Rihanna walking out of a club with a wine glass. If you've ever hoped to take home the dinnerware from your favorite restaurant, you can thanks to Jono Pandolfi. The ceramicist has provided his handmade dishes to a number of world-renowned chefs from Missy Robbins to David Chang. And Pandolfi's work is available to the public. The studio's limited-edition wares give people a chance to score a unique piece without worrying about seeing it in other people's homes. I bet eating a $1 box of spaghetti out of this $45 bowl will feel like a Michelin-starred experience.

5 Nitro Cold Brew
Wild Barn
Wild Barn

Because of, well, everything, I haven't been able to travel this year. Which means I haven't been able to try out some amazing coffee shops around the world. Luckily, Wild Barn, a coffee company based in Denver, recently made its canned coffees available nationwide through its e-commerce store. Wild Barn's Nitro Cold Brew is a black canned coffee with added goji berries and cacao nibs. The additions, types of superfoods for their antioxidants, don't add much to the flavor as much as they are there to increase your energy boost. And yes, it's "sun's out buns out" on the can.

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