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Finally, an Air Purifier That Doesn't Look Like a 1980s Transformer

But this sort of is a robot in disguise.

Welcome to Window Shopping, a weekly exercise in lusting over home products we want in our homes right the hell now. This week: my new favorite sweets, drinkware for 2020 and more.

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1 Coway Airmega 150
Coway cowaymega.com

Coway is one of the leading brands in air purifiers. Its latest model, the Airmega 150, grapples with an issue a majority of air purifiers face: they're ugly. They either look like they're suited to sit in a hospital or they're about to transform into a Decepticon. 

The Airmega 150 is as simple in design as it is effective in purifying the air. Available in dove white or sage green (and later light pink), the purifier is effective in rooms up to 214 square feet using a Long-life Green True HEPA filter. The new model is also Coway's smallest one to date. It's available beginning today. 

2 Gummy Bears
Behave eatbehave.com

Sorry, Haribo, I'm stocking up on a new gummy bear brand. Mayssa Chehata founded Behave to make a candy that tastes good and wouldn't give you an instant cavity. Along with her Head of Candy, Elizabeth Falkner (you may recognize her from "Chopped" and "Top Chef"), Chehata made a low-sugar calorie gummy bear I can get behind. Each bag has 3 grams of sugar and 90 calories, and there are enough sweets per pouch that I don't feel the need to open another. Every bag contains raspberry-, passion fruit- and lychee-flavored gummies, and they taste like fruit — like, the actual fruit. Behave comes in sweet and sour packs, and a subscription nets you a 15 percent discount.

3 Vintage-Inspired Persian Vinyl Runners
Food52 food52.com

You wouldn't put a Persian rug in your kitchen for obvious reasons (imagine cleaning tomato sauce out of one). The forward thinkers at Food52 made these Persian-style runners out of vinyl so you can have them in your kitchen without worrying about ruining them forever. The cushiony mats are good for combatting fatigue when you're constantly standing, and because they're made of vinyl, cleaning up is as easy as wiping a towel over messes.

4 Segment Armchair
TRNK trnk-nyc.com

For its latest collection, dubbed the Segment Series, TRNK crafted a series of pieces that look like someone took a bunch of geometric shapes and crafted some furniture. And we're in love with the results.

"The process for designing the Segment Series was reductive," Tariq Dixon, TRNK's founder says in the description. "I asked, how can we simplify these forms to make dense materials like solid stone or chunky upholstery feel a bit lighter?" 

The Segment Armchair exemplifies Dixon's hopes well — while it looks dense and bulky, its simple lines and thin construction give the piece a sense of lightness. Also, the velvet upholstery utilizes a stain-repellant finish that makes liquid roll right off.

5 Philips One by Sonicare
Philips philips.com

Folks, dental hygiene is important. Especially now with mask-induced "mask breath." Sonicare, one of the leading electric toothbrush brands, just released its most affordable model so far. At $25, this is directly in-line to compete with DTC dental hygiene brand Quip, albeit with the backing of Sonicare's 30-year history in dental care. The Philips One nixes the higher-end features of other Sonicare toothbrushes, like smart brushing and care-specific toothbrush heads, for something that anyone trying to step up from manual brushing can get behind. It comes in a variety of playful colors, which may be a plus if you're trying to get your kids to properly brush their teeth.

6 Ceramic Mug
General Admission
General Admission generaladmission.com

A mug that encapsulates how I feel every day about everything. I'll just keep smiling and drinking my coffee. 

7 Mushroom Glass
General Admission
General Admission generaladmission.com

And some drinkware that's a little less vulgar. These made-in-Mexico glasses are good for when you need something stronger than coffee.

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