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This Is How You Make Your Ikea Sofa Look Like a Million Bucks

You can basically have a new sofa each day of the week.


Welcome to Window Shopping, a weekly exercise in lusting over home products we want in our homes right the hell now. This week: grandma-meets-millennial bakeware, a Christmas ... cactus and more.

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1 Söderhamn 3 Seater Sofa Cover
Bemz bemz.com

Some use retail therapy to cope with stress. For Maxwell Ryan, it's all about apartment therapy, which is also the name of the home and design website he founded. He recently collaborated with Bemz, which designs slipcovers for Ikea sofas, chairs and armchairs, on six corduroy fabrics that prove all's well that ends wale. ID whatever Ikea seating you have, look it up at Bemz, then grab a slipcover to give it an instant upgrade. Hell, grab a few and you can pretend like you have a new sofa every day of the week.

2 Fully Baked
Great Jones
Great Jones greatjonesgoods.com

If we want to get as corny as Great Jones, then I say this: it's time to get baked. The DTC-cookware brand is spot-on with its naming conventions (the baking sheet is called Holy Sheet), and it just unveiled its full line of bakeware items. The collection consists of a casserole die, pie pan, bread pans, cake pans and a baking sheet. The ceramic baking essentials come in blueberry blue and brocolli green, and they look like the bakeware your grandma would own if she too were obsessed with the millennial aesthetic.

3 Spiced Cherry
Haus drink.haus

There's some new Haus in the house. The brand is a farm-to-table apéritif brand, which means they put out low-ABV spirits made with only natural ingredients. Its latest offering is Spiced Cherry, influenced by the flavors of a Manhattan. A few of the ingredients in Spiced Cherry include dried cherries, anise seed, tellicherry peppercorns and cocoa nib. Haus isn't here to get you drunk — it's about savoring what you're drinking and to help facilitate meaningful connections with the people around you (whether it's socially distanced in-person hangouts or video calls). Drink it on the rocks, mixed with soda water or with a splash of rye whiskey. 

4 Drinking Glasses
Our Place
Our Place fromourplace.com

The maker of the ever-popular Always Pan also has a really nice selection of tableware. Our Place's drinking glasses are designed to be the perfect size for whatever you're drinking, whether it's water or wine. The brand is finally offering a multi-color pack of its cups instead of having to buy a four-pack of the same color. Each glass is handblown in Thailand, and they're dyed with minerals rather than environment-harming artificial dyes.

5 Christmas Cactus
The Sill
The Sill thesill.com

Christmas trees and poinsettias are standard when it comes to the holidays. This year, try a Christmas Cactus. The only thing that warrants calling this a Christmas plant is its blooming season, usually in the late fall or early winter, which is anywhere around December 25. This succulent may see its best days during the cooler months, but it'll still be a nice little green addition to your home year-round. 

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