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Floyd's New Standing Desk and 7 More Home and Design Releases

Just like your productivity, this desk goes up and down.

best home releases

Welcome to Window Shopping, a weekly exercise in lusting over home products we want in our homes right the hell now. This week: a comforter-turned-scarf, a renter's perfect nightstand and more.

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Floyd x Fully The Standing Desk

Across all of Floyd's furniture pieces, one thing is constant: its use of high-quality, sustainably sourced birch plywood. With the whole WFH situation going on, Floyd is entering the standing desk game, and they called in some backup from one of our favorite standing desk makers, Fully. The new standing desk uses Fully's Jarvis standing desk frame, which runs smooth, and features an easy-to-use control panel. It's then topped with Floyd's signature birch plywood tabletop, available in three finishes. I'm currently using my dining table or working while sitting and my dresser, for working while standing. I think with this standing desk I'll be more productive in one spot, but I may also have too much fun adjusting the height.

Madewell x Hedley & Bennett Contrast-Stitch Apron
Hedley & Bennett

Another year, another Madewell collaboration with Hedley & Bennett. Whoo boy, do we have a winner. Available in three prints (I'm leaning towards the contrast-stich), the aprons are based on Hedley & Bennet's Essential model, which come with three patch pockets and an adjustable neck strap. Get an accompanying potholder and cook in style.

Madewell x Buffy Muffler

Madewell is winning with these collaborations. This one, with Buffy, essentially took the brand's popular comforter and turned it into a muffler. While getting out of bed might be hard, you can just tuck yourself back in with the muffler when you go out. It even has a built-in pocket for storing your valuables or acting as a hand warmer.

Truff Black Truffle Pasta Sauces

The problem with truffle is that brands and restaurants will slap "truffle" on a food product and triple the price tag, while the food has little to no discernible truffle flavor. Truff, which became known for its truffle-infused hot sauces, is now entering the pasta sauce category. Thankfully the brand doesn't add truffle to its sauces just for shits and giggles — it adds a punch of umami that's both satisfying and luxurious. It's not hard to make your own red sauce, but if you can pop a jar of this, you're in for a delicious treat.

Táche Pistachio Milk

Táche is a new dairy milk alternative, and it's made from everyone's favorite green tree nut, pistachios. Founded by father-and-daughter duo, Roxana Saidi and Morteza Saidi, Táche is taking aim at the other milk options on the market. For one, unlike direct competitor Oatly, Táche does not contain oil, which is often used as an emulsifier. As the brand proclaims, one serving of Oatly contains the same amount of oil as medium-order of fries — and as an Oatly lover, I found that disturbing. Táche comes in two varieties, unsweetened and original flavor. Use the pistachio milk in any recipe that calls for dairy milk, and it even lends itself well to foaming for espresso-based drinks. Also, as a sucker for good merch, I'm super into the Táche French-terry pullover.

This Is How You Make Your Ikea Sofa Look Like a Million Bucks


You can basically have a new sofa each day of the week.

Material The Soft-Edge Turner

Everyone needs a trusty spatula, one they can rely on for practically every cooking task. Material's new spatula, or turner, is made of silicone so it's super flexible for precise maneuverability. While the edge is soft, the body is reinforced with a nylon core so it's also sturdy Because of its soft edge, it won't scratch your non-stick pan, and even if you don't cook, the turner looks really nice in a cooking utensil holder.

Thuma The Nightstand

The Thuma nightstand is the follow-up to the brand's oh-so-popular bed frame. The bed frame is, as a Gear Patrol editor called it, "worth the relative splash" for its looks, utility and warranty. The new nightstand, like the bed frame, is perfect for those who move around a lot; both pieces are easy to assemble and disassemble, and like all great flat-pack furniture, breaks down into a neat little package.

Tracksmith Pie Plate

Sadly this dope-looking pie plate has just sold out, but it still deserves to be on everyone's radar (fingers crossed it's restocked soon). The running apparel brand tapped Rowe Pottery Studios to fashion a bunch of pie plates featuring Tracksmith's hare mascot. Shipments of the 9-inch pie pan come with six bibs and three prize ribbons for those who want to race for a slice of pie.

Thanks to Ikea, These Designer Candles Are as Cheap as $5


Byredo makes our favorite candles. Byredo candles are also usually $85 or so. Ikea x Byredo is not $85.

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