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You Can Almost Smell the Freshly Cut Grass


All men should have something they dream about owning, even if that something is a bit imprudent or impractical. While Brian, Ben, and Eric dream of watches, sound systems, and cars respectively, I long for the day that I can convert my basement into a golf practice facility. And if you’re going to dream, why not dream big?

That’s were aboutGolf comes in. At the core of an a aboutGolf simulator is 3Trak technology. 3Trak applies ultra-powerful, proprietary, smart-cameras and the foremost scientific methodology for advanced three-dimensional, high-speed photography in producing highly-evolved simulation technology that has dumfounded the golf industry’s most erudite critics. This may explain why the PGA Tour has opted to partner with aboutGolf. The hitting suite can even be equipped with an aG Balance peripheral that measures weight transfer to provide precise swing balance data.

Throw in a 50 course (and growing) library with terrain detail down to the painstaking inch and it’s no wonder aboutGolf is a leader in their field. An XGA projector allows for customization to nearly any resolution, so picture quality will never be an issue. All graphics are fully 3-dimensional and enabled for 30 fps rendering. That’s key for a realistic feel. The rest of the simulator is built to last, from the teeing ground to the screen. Each component is engineered to be as realistic and as durable as possible.


What drew me to them was that they offer options ranging from compact (hello, guest room) to a 3-stall virtual range. Surely there is an option to fit your space, err dream.

Whether you use it as a training ground for your run at the Champion’s Tour or as a place to unwind after work with a few buddies, an aboutGolf simulator gets my wholehearted recommendation.

Cost: $47,000+ (Prices increase based on size, add-on peripherals, additional courses, and your imagination.)


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