Is Tough Mudder’s Newest Obstacle Tear Gas?

Tough Mudder, which currently produces 150 events in 7 countries, will add 10 new obstacles, redesign its existing obstacles and launch a brand new event series called Urban Mudder.

Tough Mudder announced today a batch of changes and additions to their obstacle course events, which traditionally require participants to traverse 10-12 miles of challenging, often muddy terrain while doing battle with obstructions like greased monkey bars, stacks of hay bales and icy water.

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Tough Mudder, which will host more than 50 events in 2015, will add 10 new obstacles, redesign its existing obstacles and launch a brand-new event series called Urban Mudder. Among the new obstacles are the suggestively named Birth Canal, a crawl in the dirt under a heavy, water-filled liner; Balls Out, a sideways traverse of a six-foot wall; and Cry Baby, another crawl, this one through an enclosed structure filled with a “tear gas-like” substance. (“The substance being used in Cry Baby is a proprietary blend of tear-inducing substances that does not contain any military or law enforcement grade components”, a Tough Mudder representative told GP.)

The biggest change in 2015 is the addition of Urban Mudder, a city-based event that’ll be half the distance of a Tough Mudder and exclude mud, electricity and water (and tear gas-like substances, we suspect). It makes Tough Mudder the first of the big three — besides Tough Mudder, Spartan Race and Warrior Dash — to offer a course that’s specifically designed for an urban environment (though Alpha Warrior introduced a similar concept in 2013). The first urban event will be in New York City on July 25, 2015.

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