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10 Great Cycling Kits for the Fast and Strong

For cycling kits, performance comes into play, but style is the ultimate standard.

Chase Pellerin

Cyclists are a meticulous, finicky bunch, with habits born out of an obsession over how to maximize the human body to cover the most miles in the shortest amount of time. Energy is calculated, bikes are tuned, aerodynamics are considered, and legs are shaved. In the matchbox of a body’s energy, every last stick is counted and calculated for maximal leverage. And so, it comes as no surprise the kits they wear are also carefully considered.

For kits, performance comes into play, but so does style. Clean lines matter. Materials matter. Designs should offer some flare and lots of class. And the whole kit has to go together — jerseys are made to work with bibs, socks should accent the kit. Wearing full-body spandex can be challenge enough to pull off, but these jerseys, bibs and accessories are your best bet for looking the part without losing self-respect.


You’re not in yellow, and that’s just fine.


Fit your jersey to your needs. The Endura is an ultralight, second-skin jersey, while Search and State offers understated style with more substance. Castelli is the most breathable, and Cafe du Cycliste offers timeless style with exceptional fabric. Rapha, Assos, Mavic are timeless performers, and Pactimo, Cadence and Bernard (made with Capo’s Super Corsa line) are breaking out on the scene.

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom
Castelli Climbers 2.0 Jersey: $130
Cadence Tempo Light Jersey: $140
Rapha Pro Team Climber’s Jersey: $195
Pactimo Summit Speed RFLX Jersey: $115
Mavic Cosmic Pro Jersey: $125
Assos SS.MilleJersey_evo7: $159
Endura FS260-Pro SL: $120
Search and State S1-A Riding Jersey: $140
Cafe du Cycliste Fleurette Superlight Jersey: $155
Bernard Jersey: $145


Beauty, in singlet form.


Treat your booty right, keeping things light with Castelli, Mavic, and Pactimo. Assos and Rapha offer the finest chamois money can buy. Endura allows for fitting the chamois to your saddle, a welcome innovation. Cadence and Bernard go loud; Cafe du Cycliste and Search and State keep thing quiet.

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom
Pactimo Summit Raptor RFLX Bib: $175
Castelli Inferno Bib Shorts: $230
Assos T.équipe_s7 Bib: $249
Cadence Tempo Light Bib: $160
Rapha Pro Team Bib Shorts: $290
Bernard Bib Shorts: $165
Endura FS260-Pro SL Bib: $112
Mavic Cosmic Pro Bib Short: $180
Cafe du Cycliste Josephine Bib: $200 (not pictured)
Search and State S1-S Riding Bib Shorts: $215 (not pictured)


Complete the look.


These are the bits that tie the kit together. A lightweight base layer, like Pactimo’s can be a perfect second skin (or go without). The cap is your choice — sport something local or something bold. Socks, like these from Giro, Rapha and Mavic, keep feet dry in hot summer miles. Shoes, we leave up to you and your feet. Specialized’s Evade is an excellent aero helmet, and Oakley’s new Jawbreakers are retro inspired, hyper-light and offer great wind protection. Once the ride is done, reward yourself with breathable comfort, like Foreign Rider’s sweatshirt and Outdoor Voices sweatpants.

During Ride:
Bernard Original Series Cap: $25
Rapha Pro Team Sock: $25
Giro HRC Team: $20
Mavic Pro: $15
Rapha Arm Screens: $55
Pactimo Zero-Weight S/L Base Layer: $40
Specialized S-Works Evade Helmet: $250
Oakley Uranium Collection Prizm™ Road Jawbreaker Sunglasses: $220
Post Ride:
Foreign Rider Classic Crew: $125
Outdoor Voices Weekender Sweats: $100

Get Your Kit Right, Son
1. Socks match the kit, match the bike, match the wheels.
2. Bibs always. Shorts never.
3. Keep your junk in your pockets. Nothing looks more disheveled than a tube hanging out the back.
4. Glasses over helmet straps.
5. Six-inch socks, the way the pros do.
6. If you’re wearing arm protection, mind the gap — don’t let the bicep show between jersey sleeve and arm protection.
7. Hats are cool and all, but make sure you flip the lid.
8. If you’re not a pro, don’t wear a pro team’s jersey.
9. Boldness equates to speed. The faster you go, the more flare you’re granted.
10. Shave the legs.

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