This Week in Sports and Outdoors: June 25, 2015

A faster road-bike from Specialized, a better raincoat from Columbia, National Geographic’s adventurers of the year and more.



Coast to Coast
This week, riders are finishing up the Race Across America. The 3,000-mile race touts itself as the toughest endurance race in the world, and it has good backing. Racers sleep for as few as 90 minutes a day during the eight-to-12-day mad dash from California to Maryland. Last year’s dominant winner and race record holder, Cristoph Strasser, had to drop out due to illness, so things are getting exciting.

Columbia OutDry Extreme
Columbia claims to have created a rain jacket to replace all rain jackets. By ditching the old construction method, which sandwiched the waterproof material between a comfortable interior and a breathable exterior, Columbia hopes to achieve a truly waterproof material that is more breathable than the competition but won’t soak through like the coat in your closet.

And the Nominees Are…
National Geographic has released a video showing not just the beautiful and dramatic scenes that we’ve come to expect from the nature magazine giant, but also the names of this year’s nominees for Adventurer of the Year. Take a minute to get to know them through quick shots of some of their most stunning feats.

5 Minutes Faster
To launch their new aerodynamic racing bike, the Venge ViAS, Specialized is introducing a new campaign: Five More Minutes. The idea is that with their new line of goods, you’ll finish a 40k five minutes faster due to the perfected aerodynamics and the highest-quality materials. You can read a review of the new bike here, in which the reviewers test the bike in a wind tunnel.

USWNT Update
After knocking out the surprisingly impressive Colombia team in the round of 16, the US Women will move on to face China PR in the quarterfinals of this year’s Women’s World Cup. Other than coming out with the win, however, the American performance was shaky. Graham Hays discusses the result and the implication of two suspensions the team will have to deal with on Friday.

Valley of Giants
When you think of Oman, you probably think “where is Oman?” and not “rock climber’s paradise”. This trailer will make you think again. These four guys travel through beautiful bouldering valleys as they explore the contrasting cultures and intense desert climate.

The GoPro Games
Jeremy Berger visited the annual outdoors sports competition hosted by the action camera giants and chatted with some of the world’s top extreme sport athletes. Take a look and learn how to prepare for taking a kayak over a 189-foot waterfall. Read this story

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