Retro NFL Sweaters by Junk Food

Show Team Pride with Style


Everyone knows that Thanksgiving in America is about three things: family, food, and football. So, in the spirit of you sitting down to catch one if not all three games playing tomorrow (Packers v. Lions, Raiders v. Cowboys, or Giants v. Broncos) after stuffing yourself with more calories than a pre-hibernation grizzly, we thought to highlight these simple yet cool team sweaters.

The Retro NFL sweaters are modeled after designs developed by Cliff Engle in the 1980’s (think: Mike Ditka sporting a Chicago Bears inspired sweater). Officially licensed by the NFL, we dig how they manage to combine style and team pride in a unique understated way. Unfortunately die hard fans without an East Coast team will be disappointed to know that there are currently only five team variations available: New England, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. However don’t be surprised if the line starts to expand as these catch on.

Cost: Philadelphia $60 | Chicago $60 | Pittsburgh $60 | New York $60 | New England $60

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