Super Soaker Sneak Attack 4-Way Water Gun

Vanquish Enemies in Any Direction


While you were busy doing things like going to college, starting a career, and maybe even having some kids of your own, Hasbro has been vigorously upgrading the Super Soaker watergun line with features far beyond the original 20 you may have wielded mercilessly back in the day. The case in point is the Super Soaker Aquashock Sneak Attack 4-Way ($15). Chosen by Popular Mechanics as the top gun to have in a pool side shoot out, with a twist of the nozzle owners can spray either left or right as well as straight ahead, hence the “Sneak Attack” name. In other words it can shoot around corners, or snipe comrades walking beside you should you give into your urge to go rogue. Perfect to have on hand once summer rolls around, with a 40 oz tank and a 33 ft range, arm yourself now to keep any up start whipper snappers from thinking they’re in command.

Buy Now: $15

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