Easton S19 Z-Shock Helmet

Monocoque Means No Shock


The new Easton S19 Z-Shock Helmet brings a monocoque design to hockey helmets. Called “Zero Shock”, the helmets foam is constructed into a one piece expanded polypropylene protective foam and jet black bonded polycarbonate shell, a first in the industry. The result is improved shock and impact absorbtion while maintaining a very low weight. 8x, that is.

Easton has also graced the S19 Z-Shock Helmet with a low-profile design that’s 10% smaller than most high-end helmets on the market, and also outfitted it with ACU-SNAP interior fitment, tool free adjustable ear cover, anti-microbial comfort pads, and a micro adjustable back strap. This ain’t your father’s hockey helmet, eh?

Buy Now: $170

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