Buy Some of Burton’s Rarest Snowboards, for a Hefty Price

A Burton 1980 Backyard and 1979 Londonderry Backhill are among the boards up for grabs.

Vintage Snowboard Trader

Ever since a counterfeit of an extremely rare, vintage Burton snowboard almost sold for $21,700 on eBay a few years ago, the vintage snowboard market has been tenuous, to say the least. So when a collection with an estimated value of over $100,000 popped up on a private vintage snowboard trading group on Facebook called “Vintage Snowboard Trader,” it definitely raised eyebrows. The collection is being listed for sale by member Laurent Vrignaud. Many members of the group questioned the authenticity of the collection, wondering how one person amassed such a wide collection of rare boards (over 100 of them). But quickly a handful of members dispelled the doubts, claiming to know Vrignaud and stating that he had been a sales rep for Burton for over 22 years.

Some of the rarer boards in the collection include a 1980 Backyard and a 1979 Londonderry Backhill, both of which have been known to sell well into five digits. (These boards are also some of the most frequently faked snowboards out there.) If you are looking to get your hands on one of these, be ready to fight with well-known snowboard collectors from around the globe (most notably Daryl Thomas, a wealthy English businessman and Dennis Nazari, who owns Salty Peaks, a snowboard shop in Salt Lake City). Vrignaud is currently putting together a detailed spreadsheet with prices for each board. If interested, head to the Vintage Snowboard Trader group to inquire.

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