Will This Be the Most Technologically Advanced Bike?

A carbon frame, integrated wiring, onboard sensors and a stem-mounted bike computer? The Leopard checks all the boxes.

What Tesla did for the auto industry, Speedx is attempting to do for the cycling industry with their new aero road bike, the Leopard. Speedx partnered with global design and strategy firm Frog to design a bike that is more technologically advanced than any other. To start, Speedx designed an aero frame built from Toray T1000 carbon fiber using monocoque construction. There is nothing too revolutionary about the frame itself, but the innovations happen on the inside of the frame and in the cockpit.

Attached to the stem of the Leopard is what Speedx is calling “a brain taking care of everything except the cycling.” The Smart Control system is essentially a cycling computer integrated directly into the stem (with all wires hidden) that is attached to a number of sensors throughout the frame, which are also conveniently hidden and integrated. These sensors measure stats like cadence, time, distance, speed and altitude. The computer is also compatible with ANT+ devices, giving you access to even more stats, like power output and heart rate. The computer also connects to Speedx’s Smart Coach app, which analyzes your data in real time and helps to coach you while you’re cycling. The battery life for the system is impressive as well. On a single charge, the Smart Control system will run for 800km or 40 hours, and only takes up to 30 minutes to recharge after that. According to Speedx, the Leopard is only the third bike in the world to have full integration of all wiring, the other two being the Trek Madone and the Specialized Venge Pro ViAS.

While the frame design isn’t something to run out and get in line for, the technology the Leopard packs is certainly something to get excited about. No longer is it necessary to have a bike computer, cadence meter, Strava app and power sensor connected to your bicycle. The Speedx Leopard integrates everything into one neat package and, with the help of GPS, will give you turn-by-turn directions for your ride and pedal-by-pedal motivation to be faster on the bike.

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