A Usable Activity Tracker for Climbers Has Arrived

Track your vertical feet gained, angle of climbing and more.


Launched on Indiegogo earlier this week and funded in one day, the Whipper is an activity tracker designed specifically to track the metrics that rock climbers care about: vertical feet climbed, degree of overhang, how long it takes you to get to the top of a route, how many feet you fall (if and when you do), as well as your fall factor. It’s built with a 6-axis motion sensor, a hyper-sensitive altimeter and a temperature sensor, making it the most advanced rock-climbing fitness tracker to ever hit the market.

The Whipper is small and lightweight, contained in a waterproof and shockproof housing (which allows it to be used outdoors), and it syncs with its iOS app via Bluetooth. If training in the rock-climbing gym is more your speed, the Whipper app features a built-in training section that recommends exercises based on goals that you set, as well as your climbing performance.

While other climbing-specific fitness trackers exist (like Climbax), Whipper blows them all away in terms of accuracy and technological advancements. Compared to Climbax, Whipper’s sensor includes more axis of motion-sensing capability and also has a much more favorable wearing position. The Climbax is meant to be worn on the wrist, which can be uncomfortable while climbing; Whipper, on the other hand, can be discretely clipped just about anywhere on your person, most likely on your harness or belt.

For those interested, Whipper’s Indiegogo campaign is running through the end of this month.

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