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The First Wearable Multi-Tool Designed to Go Anywhere

The Tread, a rugged steel bracelet, is one of Leatherman’s most versatile and portable multi-tools ever.

Henry Phillips


Afew years ago, Benjamin Rivera, the president of Leatherman Tools, was having trouble getting past security at Disneyland. His family got in just fine, but the guards, upon finding the multi-tool he carried in his pocket, stopped him at the gates. It looked too much like a weapon. He walked back to his hotel room, dropped off the multi-tool, and began to wonder: Is it possible to create a multi-tool that’s truly able to go anywhere?

That’s how Rivera came up with the Leatherman TREAD. It’s a first-of-its-kind wristband multi-tool able to go wherever you go, whether you’re at home wrenching on your bike or passing through a security line. Each of the 12 stainless-steel links contain two to three tools; in total, 29 tools, the most of any product in the company’s history. There are 10 Allen wrenches, 8 screwdrivers, 7 box wrenches, one pick tool, one cutting hook and a bottle opener on the clasp. The links are interchangeable, too — if there’s a tool you don’t need, simply screw off the link and replace it with another. The ability to customize means the TREAD can tackle tons of jobs in every environment, like fine-tuning a camera mount or cracking an ice-cold beer. And the TREAD’s rugged steel frame, available in silver or black, makes it more than just a reliable multi-tool; it’s also a great accessory.

The original 1983 Leatherman multi-tool was born out of a need for convenience. The TREAD takes that pursuit of convenience to a new level. It’s the first multi-tool that’s able to truly go anywhere, uninhibited by security guards and airport checkpoints. And it looks great on your wrist while doing it.

Buy Now – Stainless Steel: $165 Buy Now – Black: $220

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