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IF MODE White Foldable Bike

White on the Outside but Green in Mindset

IF MODE White – Foldable Bike_GP

Looking like something an eco conscious storm trooper might toddle into work with to spite his warp drive guzzling co workers, the F MODE Foldable Bike’s ($2,200) futuristic design belies its practicality. That is if you can afford to own one. Built for city commuters looking to exercise and do their part for the earth, this full size bike weighs 32 lbs, sports 26 inch Kenda Kwick Roller Sport tires, and folds to a size of 40 inches (h) x 10.5 inches (w) x 26 inches (l). It’s design also avoids many pain in the ass features of typical bikes like oily chains, complex tubes that hide dirt and gunk, or overall clutter that’s prone for snagging clothing and ruining an otherwise good start to the day. For full specs and a video of watching this bike fold down read on.

Buy Now: $2,200

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