Rock climbing gyms have become the new workout centers for outdoor-minded millennials living in urban areas — and for good reason. Climbing is a great total-body workout that challenges you not just physically, but also mentally. Each rock climbing route is a puzzle that requires determination to figure out. Because of the increased popularity of the sport, new rock climbing gyms are popping up across the US, each trying to outdo the last with better problem sets and amenities. Here are eight of the best.

Austin Bouldering Project


After two years of construction, the Austin Bouldering Project finally opened earlier this year. For the initial problem set, ABP brought in nine expert route setters from all over the world. While ABP only has bouldering — no top roping — the problem variation is more than enough to keep you occupied.

Location: Austin, Texas
Square Footage: ~50,000
Day Pass Price: $16

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High Point Climbing Gym


High Point has one of the more unique climbing walls in the US. In addition to all of the indoor options at the gym, High Point also offers an outdoor climbing wall right in the heart of downtown Chattanooga.

Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee
Square Footage: 30,000
Day Pass Price: $16

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Sender One


Sender One is owned by none other than world class rock climber Chris Sharma, so you know that it’s done right. In addition to having excellent routes and problems, the gym offers some of the most unique wall shapes in the US. As far as rock climbing gyms go, the large walls simulate challenging outdoor routes better than anything else.

Location: Santa Ana, California
Square Footage: 25,000
Day Pass Price: $17

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The Cliffs at LIC


The Cliffs at LIC is the best rock climbing gym in the NYC area. The gym is a massive 30,000 square feet and offers awesome routes for bouldering, top roping and lead climbing. It’s the perfect escape from the concrete jungle of NY.

Location: Long Island City, Queens, New York
Square Footage: 30,000
Day Pass Price: $28

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Stone Summit

gear-patrol-climbing-gyms-Stone -Summit-Climbing-Fitness-Center

Stone Summit is simply one of the nicest rock climbing gyms in the US. The facility in Kennesaw is practically brand new and offers some of the best and most creative routes in the country.

Location: Kennesaw, Georgia
Square Footage: 31,102
Day Pass Price: $17

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Mesa Rim


Mesa Rim is San Diego’s premier climbing gym. In addition to a climbing gym, Mesa Rim also offers a training and coworking center. Just imagine taking a 15-minute break from your work to hit the campus boards or pull-up bar.

Location: San Diego, California
Square Footage: 30,000
Day Pass Price: $20

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Planet Granite


While Planet Granite has a number of facilities, the PDX location is one of the finest. Its walls are built by Walltopia, one of the leading climbing wall builders in the world. In addition to the spacious climbing center, Planet Granite PDX also offers a full fitness center with every machine you could want.

Location: Portland, Oregon
Square Footage: 20,000
Day Pass Price: $20

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The Spot


While the Spot isn’t as large or fancy as other gyms on the list, what it lacks in flash it makes up for in culture. A number of pro climbers have been known to frequent The Spot, and it’s the heart of the climbing community in Boulder, Colorado.

Location: Boulder, Colorado
Square Footage: 15,000
Day Pass Price: $13

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