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Single-Speed Bicycles for Under $700

Simplicity in construction and price — these affordable bikes make a great case for always having to pedal.


Welcome to Found, a series where classic goods, ready for a new home, are handpicked by Gear Patrol‘s writers and editors.

When it comes to simplicity among bicycles, the fixed gear is the first and last word. No gears, shift cables or freewheel hub means less weight, constant pedaling and a real commitment. Popular on race tracks the world over and recently relegated as the transportation of choice for urbanites, daring commuters and hipsters, “fixies” have earned a name for themselves. Locking the drive train to the rear wheel is great for acceleration and keeping the weight down, but you better be a practiced rider if you plan on stopping or slowing down for a turn.

Regardless of whether or not you’re a fixie fan who either spends too much time grooming his mustache or scouring body hair in pursuit of better lap time, these single-speed cycles won’t break the bank.

Centurion Elite Fixed Gear Conversion Cinelli

What We Like: Fixies inherently use up their tires more, purely to slow down and stop. So the extra set of fresh tires are a great deal, and the soft sky-blue powder coat just sweetens it.
From the Seller: “This is a recently completed build with a fresh powder coat finish. The bike has had a 20-mile test ride done on it. The tires were swapped for a brand-new set prior to the photos being taken so you will get a zero miles set of tires.”

Hipster Factor: High
Location: Westminster, Colorado

Buy Now: $660

State Bicycle Co Fixed Gear

What We Like: The flip-flop hub maybe considered cheating since you can throw a freewheel on, but having the option is always nice.
From the Seller: “It has a flip flop hub, presta valves on the tubes, drop down handlebars wrapped in white, now dirty. There is no rear brake. This model first appeared in 2012 and was discontinued in 2013.”

Hipster Factor: Medium
Location: Casa Grande, Arizona

Buy Now: $259

2004 Bianchi Pista Track Bike

What We Like: You can’t go wrong with Shimano front brakes, but the dummy right lever is a nice touch to keep symmetry.
From the Seller: “Light signs of light riding and use. Marks on front rim from braking. Small cut in saddle. Shimano front brake and levers installed, dummy right lever.”

Hipster Factor: Medium
Location: Boulder, Colorado

Buy Now: $400

Kromica Fixed Gear

What We Like: Having only been ridden once, it’s practically yours, brand new.
From the Seller: “Used only for one ride, has just been sitting in my patio collecting dust, didn’t come with brakes, has reversible hub on the wheel to change from fixed gear to freewheel.

Hipster Factor: Low
Location: Porter Ranch, California

Buy Now: $300

2014 Felt TK3

What We Like: Whether you take this bike to the track or use it to commute, you’re guaranteed to go faster than with your current setup (unless it’s an e-bike).
From the Seller: “The Felt TK3 are great track bikes for the track or street. They are light and stiff. This all-black model is hard to come by.”

Hipster Factor: Low
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Buy Now: $625

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